Army Rotorcraft Critical Safety Item Program (back to top)
Avion provides specialized Logistics Program Support and Engineering Management services to the RDECOM AMRDEC Aviation Engineering Directorate (AED), Sustainment Division, for life cycle management of the Critical Safety Item/New Source Testing (CSI/NST) Program. This program is a multifaceted effort designed to provide enhanced life-cycle management and control of parts critical to safe operation of all Army rotorcraft systems (AH-64, C/MH-47, U/MH-60, OH-58, H-1). Avion has been the primary sub-contractor for this program since 1993 and has played an ongoing critical role in the qualification of new designs, processes and sources. Avion has been key to the identification and removal of hundreds of unqualified CSI from the inventory, resulting in safety risk reduction to the Army fleet

Army Flight Critical Components (back to top)
Avion has provided ongoing Army Aviation logistics and Data Management Systems (DMS) services to the AMCOM IMMC Maintenance Support Division (MSD), receiving the first AMCOM EXPRESS Logistics Domain Direct Award in June 2005. Avion manages program teams & provides comprehensive logistics and Information Technology technical support to the MSD. We perform: logistics software development, implementation and sustainment; data analysis, quality assurance; field, helpdesk and specialized support services. Our efforts ensure data accuracy for time-sensitive, flight critical components globally located on Army rotorcraft weapons systems/subsystems. We administer/optimize the 26 million record IMMC Maintenance Consolidated Database System (MCDS) utilized to identify all efforts associated with capturing/identifying all critical components/parts that have a “safety related” condition/time requirement. Avion is a leader in AIT logistical implementation and of Army AIT initiatives being implemented into the MCDS family of database systems.

Acquisition Technical Support Data Management System (back to top)
Since 1998, Avion has been a primary sub-contractor supporting the RDECOM AMRDEC Engineering Directorate’s (ED) Industrial Operations Division (IOD) Tech Loop Branch mission encompassing the technical data management for all Army Aviation fielded spare parts. Avion designed and implemented a DMS to facilitate the ED-IOD Tech Loop business processes. The effective automation of their business processes has been a key element in the improved operational efficiency of AMCOM acquisition of repair parts for fleet sustainment. Avion has designed/implemented upgrades to the TLDS DMS, resulting in increased usability for aviation engineers, data analysts and documentation maintainers. Tech Loop management has benefited from these enhancements achieving greater traceability and visibility of day-to-day operations.

Data Management Systems (DMS) for Special Equipment & Processes (back to top)
Avion serves as a primary subcontractor to facilitate the proliferation of AIT and associated DMS throughout the US Army. We have produced the following DMS applications that use automation hardware to automate established business processes; our software utilized UID parts marking technology, a DoD policy marking mandate at our UID printing facility at Ft Campbell, KY:

  • The Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) Management
  • The Tool Room Management System (TRMS)
  • The Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE)
  • The Inventory Tracking Management System (ITMS)
  • The Arms Room Management System (ARMS)
  • The Mobile Inventory Management System (MIMS)
  • AIT Management Website

These DMS applications developed and implemented by Avion:

  • ...are web based
  • workable for total asset visibility by the command
  • ...can accommodate a stand-alone system
  • ...interface with SARSS
  • ...pull data from FEDLOG
  • ...take advantage of UID as applicable
  • ...are fully tested and completely documented
  • ...provide more reliable data to pass on to Army STAMIS upon interface
  • ...are currently being used by Army customers

Inmate Tracking and Control Technology (back to top)
Under our corporate R & D investment program initiative, Avion has developed the Inmate Tracking and Control Technology (INTACT) correctional facility management program. This program enhances prisoner management by consolidating records which were previously kept manually or by separate software programs. The program contains historical records and completely automates the daily operations of inmate handling in correctional facilities including information on arrest, booking, transfers, work releases, incidents and cell assignments. Proven biometric vein reading technology provides positive identification to ensure inmates are not erroneously released. Additional features of the program include a complete photo array of inmates, inmate property management and the ability to verify all vendors and visitors entering and leaving the facility. The easy to use system has both technical and non-technical reporting capabilities and custom report generation capability. Avion provides onsite training for the system and offers 24/7 support through e-mail, internet and telephone communications. Our INTACT development team is working directly with law enforcement correctional facilities (currently working real time with the application) to enhance the system functionality & features.